52 Words: Plane

Update: Winning photo for the week!

Some of you may have seen the link I posted to our facebook page just about a week ago regarding a couple of photographers who took on a weekly challenge, interpreting a word in their own artistic way using photography. You can read more about their project here.  Just as they did, we decided to write up a long list of words and choose one at random every week for the next 52 weeks (That’s an entire year folks!). The only rule we have (so far) put in place is that the photograph must be taken within THAT week, no digging into the archives to find something that fits the word for that week. We will choose a new words every Sunday evening, and a photograph must be “done” by Sunday night. Then, I will blog them both for you all to see!  But, in our competitive nature, we want to hear from you on which one you think is the “winner” of the week.  So, be sure and let us know on facebook or in the comments which one you like best! Anyone else want to play with us? To start our project, last weekend we made up a list of totally random words – verbs, nouns, adjectives…some photography related, but mostly not. We ended up with something in the neighborhood of 150 words, knowing that we would only be selecting and photographing 52 of those words means that we never know what we will end up with.  Our first word randomly drawn: planes. I think both Dan and I immediately regretted allowing our 8 year old son to play such a crucial role in the creation of the list of words.  At first Dan started thinking of all the places we could go to photograph planes, but time didn’t allow for such grand adventures and instead we had to get a little bit more creative. And with that, just a week into this year-long challenge, we are already forcing ourselves to look at things in a new way and stretch our imaginations just a little bit. Now, I admit…I feel like a bit of a cheat putting our adorable little daughter in my image….but I do really love the more artistic image Dan took too. In fact, he seems to think mine will win but I keep looking at his and I’m certain I like his better! What do you think? Who takes “Plane” for the win? 52 Words: Plane     Next week’s word: SUNBURST (Ugh….maybe we should have thought a little more about these words! HA)

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