{Follow along in a little project/challenge Dan and I have against one another. Every week we choose a word at random from a very, very long list of words we made. Each of us have to create our own photographic interpretation of that word…then we see whose is best! Links below to the other words we have already shot!}

Making our way through the list, we are already on word number 19! It has been happily busy for us this month, but we still find time to get our weekly word photos in! Luckily, this week’s word was “Candid” which is pretty easy since most of the photos we take of our own children and happenings around us are candid. And it would appear that little Maisie was the subject for both of our candid photos this week!

{52 Words} Candid{52 Words} Candid

Next Weeks Word: Sleep

See previous weeks words here: [Planes] [Sunburst] [Automobile] [Mist] [Coffee][Night][Letters][Hairy] [Lace] [Heavenly] [Food] [Salty] [Portrait] [High Key] [Black and White] [Drinking] [Animals] [Advertising] [Candid] [Sleep]


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