{Follow along in a little project/challenge Dan and I have against one another. Every week we choose a word at random from a very, very long list of words we made. Each of us have to create our own photographic interpretation of that word…then we see whose is best! Links below to the other words we have already shot!}

I can’t believe we are already up through week 14! Thank you for checking in on our week 13 challenge, Portrait. This week we had the word “High Key”, which is actually more of a photography term than a word or concept like we have had in the past. High Key refers to a photo that is bright with very little contrast. There are several articles out there about it, including this one. I actually really enjoy high key photography, although neither Dan nor I commonly take photos in this style. So, it was kind of fun to push ourselves to give it a try.

It was a fun week and we both loved our end results. How about you? What do you think? {52 Words} High Key{52 Words} High Key Next Weeks Word: Black and White

See previous weeks words here: [Planes] [Sunburst] [Automobile] [Mist] [Coffee][Night][Letters][Hairy] [Lace] [Heavenly] [Food] [Salty] [Portrait] [High Key]


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