{Follow along in a little project/challenge Dan and I have against one another. Every week we choose a word at random from a very, very long list of words we made. Each of us have to create our own photographic interpretation of that word…then we see whose is best! Links below to the other words we have already shot!}

Well, I think my car show photo just barely won last week’s “automobile”, but really…all three (including Quincy’s shot) were all pretty much even.

This week we photographed “mist” which, as I am sure you understand, was no easy task.  I think that when we put that word on our list both Dan and I had envisioned pulling it on a week in the fall when misty mornings are quite common. Instead, we had to get creative in the middle of a June heat wave! Luckily, the hardware store had a mister and our local Snoqualmie waterfall puts off plenty of mist.  So, there you have it! Done! Quincy didn’t have a photograph to contribute this round as summer is keeping him happily occupied with other 8 year old things to do.

So, as always, we look forward to hearing what you think of our interpretation of the word for the week. Any guesses as to who took each one? Let us know!

{52 Words} Mist

Photo by Cicely

{52 Words} Mist

Photo by Dan

Next Week’s Word: Coffee (Mmmmm. Doesn’t a hot coffee sound good when it’s supposed to be in the 90’s all week? I wonder if a Frappuccino counts?)

See previous weeks words here: [Planes] [Sunburst] [Automobile] [Mist] [Coffee][Night][Letters][Hairy] [Lace] [Heavenly] [Food] [Salty] [Portrait] [High Key] [Black and White] [Drinking] [Animals] [Advertising] [Candid] [Sleep][Run][Kids][Dark] [Toys] [Silhouette] [Exit] [Circles] [Bottle] [Warm]


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