Whew. Last week was the longest week as our entire family ended up with the stomach flu. It was NOT fun… but it is over and we have returned to eating solids again. Yay! So, this blog post is a little late, but I actually like the idea of sharing it on Monday’s anyhow!

So, what am I loving this week?

First Aid Kit

Well, a little over a week ago Dan arrived home from work with a little surprise for me! The newest CD from a favorite band of mine, First Aid Kit. I love the harmonies this sister duo creates… it is SO lovely. I was able to listen to it while cleaning up before/after the illness stuck our home, and it almost made it ok. Almost. What was not great… was that we were sick when they were playing in Seattle, which I suppose is OK considering I had nobody to go with (Dan, while sweetly thinking of me and buying me the CD, drew the line at actually attending their show with me…)  If you have a chance, take a listen and let me know what you think:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDdXe51yphI

First Aid Kit Ruins

Next up, our January box from Universal Yums!

If you don’t know about Universal Yums, it is a company that sends a box of treats/snacks once a month from a different country. We received our first box in December, when they actually had treats from all around the world, along with trivia and fun facts about the countries and corresponding snacks. The kids had SO much fun with it that we upgraded from the smaller size to the bigger box.  This month, the featured country is Greece… and the kids love sampling the goodies and we all decide if it gets a thumbs up or down, and we are even learning things about Greece we never knew before, so it feels slightly educational too!  From the hints given, I think that February is going to be a box all about France… which I am REALLY excited about! There is still time to order and give it a try! They come in two sizes, and so far the large box has lasted us… although we like to spread it out and only sample an item or two a night to make it last a long time!

Universal Yums Box Greece


Finally, there is one more thing I am loving. No pictures (you’re welcome) and I will spare you the details… but after the week we had, I finally was totally over our cheap, old, plastic broken toilet seat. The same one we have had for the entire 13 years we have lived here… and surely it could not have cost more than $5. I splurged on a solid wood seat for $25…. and who knew it would make such a difference! HA! But really, it got me thinking. Yes, a toilet seat led me to deep thoughts. What? How often do we just ignore little things that could be so easily fixed? Such a small change brought me a few days of delight… and it got me really thinking about the other little things I could be “swapping” out in life to bring greater joy.  Maybe waking up 10 minutes earlier so I can have a moment of quiet before I wake the kids? Or putting mascara on each day so I feel a little bit better about myself when leaving the house? Little changes can be so hard sometimes.

At last, I have already been receiving suggestions from friends about things to consider for upcoming “What I am Loving this Week” blog posts! Yes!! Tell me! What are you loving this week!?



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