When Dan and I arrived at the location for the Carlson family’s session, two bald eagles sat in the tree above us and we knew it would be a good omen. It was! Despite it raining ALL weekend, it seemed to completely stop just long enough for us to fit in their photos, and at one point one of the eagles even swooped in and “photo bombed” with Rattlesnake Ledge looming in the background. How much more Pacific Northwest can you get?! The Carlson family lives just around the street from us and our kids share the same bus stop, so we already knew that the session would be a fun one! Add a photogenic (and limelight loving) 8 year old, and you have perfection….rumor has it she is already saving up for her very own personal portrait session! We might have to create a special 8 year old rate just for her.

Carlson Family Session {by Rusted Van Photography}Carlson Family Session {by Rusted Van Photography}


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