I have a confession. It was REALLY hard to write this blog. Well, not the writing part but the process of selecting photos! The love this family has for one another was just so lovely, and I really felt like that translated in every one of their photos. To add to it, this was their first professional photo shoot, so I was pleased to deliver such great results (or, did we set the bar to high?!) Now, little Nora is only 6 months old and sometimes that is a tough age because they don’t fall for the more conventional tricks we have up our sleeve. It’s always a question as to what it is that will make them smile or laugh…and luckily for us, her mommy knew exactly what did the trick. Have you seen that Geico commercial with the camel? That was it. As soon as any of us said, “Guess what daaaaaaay it is?” HUUUUUMP Day” she was all smiles and grins. It was hilarious! Hey, I’m not ashamed to do whatever it takes to get a smile or laugh from any age group…and those of you who have had a session by Rusted Van Photography know EXACTLY what I mean. Poor Dan always leaves the sessions reminding me that I am absurd (but fortunately for me he loves me despite it!) So, here are just a few of my favorites! Sawtelle-Darby Family Session {by Rusted Van Photography}Sawtelle-Darby Family Session {by Rusted Van Photography}


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