Awhile ago, I came across an advertisement for a class hosted through Glazer’s Camera. It was all about Low Light Photography and included not only the class and lunch (feed me and I’m yours forever) but a fun, private Underground Tour, and the use of a  mirror-less Sony A7s with a wide variety of different lenses to choose from.  We each got our very own camera and we selected a wide lens with a fisheye attachment, and a 55mm lens to use during the day, switching back and forth periodically.

It was a beautiful day and we had such a great time both learning about the Sony A7 and walking around Pioneer Square taking photos of the street life.  Of course, the Underground Tour is always amusing and the tour guide was very funny…although leading a group of photographers is no easy task. People were wandering off in all directions for a good shot. Poor guy!

We put together some of our favorite photos from the day to share with you all! And of course, now we can add the Sony to our always expanding wish-list!

Pioneer Square Photo Walk

Cicely’s Favorite Shots

Pioneer Square Photo Walk

Dan’s Favorite Shots


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