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I love how you two play with one another!

I love how you two play with one another!

Dearest Quincy and Maisie,

As you both grow, I can’t help but compare the two of you. With Quincy I didn’t have much to compare to, but now with Maisie it is always interesting to me to see how the both of you are so different from one another. You both have such special, unique personalities and it is so fun to watch them develop and change as you get older.  So, I am dubbing this letter, “A Tale of Two Toddlers”! Let’s explore some of the differences I have seen between the two of you…

Bath time: Up until recently, Maisie has absolutely NOT been a fan of bath time. Almost as soon as she goes in, she wants out again. Quincy has loved the water since the very start and could spend hours in the bath if I let him! Since I started letting the two of you take a bath together Maisie has come around and now seems to love the bath and recognizes it is a fun time to play and splash!

Eating: Oh, my sweet Quincy, you would eat almost ANYTHING I put in front of you. Thank goodness! I love all different types of food and I love that you do too. We still laugh about the time you spoon-fed yourself an entire bowl of salsa at the Mexican restaurant. My little Maisie is a bit more particular! You will eat massive quantities of cheese, yogurt and sausage, along with a variety of fruits and that’s about it. Tonight was a good example, the only way I could get you to take a bite of pasta was by sprinkling a little bit of parmesan cheese on each and every bite! I still attempt to feed you the same foods we are eating with the hopes that you will come around and start eating them too.

Fashion: I’m sure you can guess who’s who on this one. Quincy, you don’t seem to care too much about what you wears, unless I want you to wear something somewhat nice! And nearly every morning I have to convince you to brush your hair and fix your shirt so it is facing the right way! Maisie on the other hand, loves clothes and shoes and brushing her hair! Maisie, you will pull all the clothes out of your drawers and walk around the house with them. You have loved shoes since you were about 8 months old, and tonight you asked for a dress when I tried to put your pajamas on! Sorry…the pajamas won this one. I am both excited and nervous for what our future holds on this front!

Sleep:  Ohhhhhh! The amount of money spent on gas driving Quin around trying to get him to take a nap! Sleep has never come easily for you Quincy. We struggled to get you to take naps and resorted to driving every weekend so you would sleep. Nights weren’t any better and there were some nights I honestly thought I was going to lose my mind! Not to mention that you pretty much slept in our bed until you were about 4 (but I blame myself on that one). Maisie sleeps like a dream, and always has. She takes her naps (mostly) every day at the same time and without any fuss at all. For the most part, she goes to bed at night with only a minute or two of whining…and then, she’s out. And since I myself LOVE sleep, I love that she sleeps!

Now, there are a lot of things that set the two of you apart. But you are siblings, so of course, as much as I notice your differences I also see so many similarities. You are at times just like two peas in a pod! How are you the same?

Chatty and Social: You both talk, talk, talk. All.the.time. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes, it’s a little bit tiresome. But I am thrilled that you are both so smart and have so much to share.

Physical: So, I naively thought that with a girl things might be a little easier this time around, but it looks like I was mistaken. You both are very physical! You both climb and jump and are at risk for taking your own lives on a daily basis! This mama can’t seem to stop to rest, ever.

You Look Alike:  It’s funny, I never thought I would have two beautiful blue-eyed babies, with curly light hair! I think I am a little too close to see it, but others always comment on how alike you two look…it is obvious to others that you are siblings indeed! I’m just so happy that I have such adorable children!

Tremendously Loved:  Of course, you are both so hugely loved by both your daddy and I. We take such great joy in you both, watching you learn new things and exploring the world around you. We laugh at the funny things you say, and feel extremely blessed to have you both in our family.

I look forward to watching the both of you continue to grow and change and become adults. I promise I won’t always compare you to one another, but I will always appreciate the things that make each of you, YOU.

I love you,



My Little Quincy as a Baby

My Little Quincy as a Baby



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