{Thank you for checking in on our “Letters to my Children” blog circle! If you are here visiting from Beth’s blog, welcome! This is a personal project and a way to share my thoughts with my own children.  I will be updating this blog with a letter to one or both of my children monthly. Along with me are some other lovely ladies who are taking on the same project, check out Casey’s letter to her daughter!}

Dearest Quincy and Maisie,

June is a special month in the Williams house. It is the month we celebrate both Father’s Day and Daddy’s birthday! We are all so lucky to have Dan, he is a good Daddy and a good man.

Photo Credit: Ashley Vos Photography

Photo Credit: Ashley Vos Photography

I have enjoyed watching Daddy help out with your baseball team this year, Quincy. The two of you go out to play catch and practice with your batting, and it is a happy thing for me to see you doing things together. You are two peas in a pod and have so much in common. Your love for all things old, rusty and historical. Your love for road trips. Your love for trains and cars. But also, you both have a sweet and giving nature, always looking out for those you love.


Maisie, you always have the biggest and warmest greeting for Daddy when he gets home from work at the end of the day. As soon as you hear the garage door opening you are SO excited and run to the door to welcome him home (and of course, you also have an equally warm welcome for the “black car”, which you also dearly love). Your Daddy loves you so very much. He loves the times you decide to snuggle with him or when you want to hold his hand. Having a little girl has added a whole new level of sweet tenderness to him.

Watching your Dad spend time with you both and love you both the way he does, fills my heart with gratitude. I know how blessed we are to have him in our lives, but more than that, I know that he is setting a beautiful example for you both.  I hope you both see the passion he has for the things he loves, diving in deep and taking the time to enjoy life.  Quincy, I hope you are watching to see the respect and total devotion he shows me, his wife. Someday, I hope that this example he has shown you will influence you in the way you treat your wife and partner in life. It is the most important relationship you will ever have and if you follow in your fathers footsteps, your wife will feel only loved and adored at all times.  Similarly, Maisie I want you to look for somebody who only makes you feel 100% cherished. Your Daddy always makes me feel like I am the smartest, most talented and beautiful woman he has ever known and I never, ever doubt his pure love for me. Look for a man who not only holds you up in this way, but is willing to help you to achieve any goals you set your mind to.

Photo Credit: Ashley Vos Photography

Photo Credit: Ashley Vos Photography

I appreciate the balance your Dad brings to our family. His patience. His knowledge. His stories. His affection. His partnership. We are all so blessed, and we all love him so much every day for all that he does for us.

Much love, as always,




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