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This was the “10 on the 10th” blog that nearly didn’t happen! The summer has been so busy, I nearly completely forgot about this monthly blog! Fortunately, a couple nights ago a friend mentioned going to the Seattle Japanese Garden to attend the Tanabata Festival. Perfect!

I did a little research about the Tanabata Festival, and there is such a lovely, sad story behind it – about two lovers separated and only allowed to rejoin once a year: the 7th day of the 7th month. Traditionally, on this day, wishes are written on paper and hung from bamboo along with other paper decorations, creating a wish tree.  Read more about it here.

Dan attends the Japanese Gardens around once a month from Spring through Fall, with a special photographers pass that allows him early access. He takes some really lovely photos, and sometimes they are even featured on the Japanese Gardens facebook page. But, I rarely have the opportunity to attend, and this was the first time we had ever taken the kids.

The kids really had a fun time, although, with them… there was no “zen”. But, there were beautiful landscapes to explore, baby ducklings to watch, and turtles and  koi fish swimming about. Maisie “wrote” her wish on paper and tied it to a bamboo (which Dan tucked into his pocket like a little bamboo boutonniere!), and we found a stone “wish” house (I am sure there is something more official to call it…), where people had placed pennies with wishes. The kids all took turns adding their penny wishes to the bunch. And in all, we had a great time….and NOBODY fell into the pond, which we were POSITIVE they would (My bets were on Maisie).

I am so glad we were invited to a beautiful afternoon at the join in celebrating this festival when we would have otherwise just sat around at home!

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