Well, an upcoming new year brings me a new personal project!

In 2015 I participated in the “Letters to my Children” blog circle (only 1 or 2 missing months…oops) and in 2016 I will be joining a “10 on the 10th” blog circle with some really amazing photographer friends. We decided to get started sooner vs. later, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to wrap up one of my 2015 projects and simultaneously start my 2016 project!

Some of you may be aware of my “Project 365” goal in 2015. I took a photo every single day from my birthday in 2014 and ended on my birthday in 2015. I might have “cheated” once or twice, but I remained 99% faithful to daily photography. I love the way it helped us to document the year, while keeping me focused on the things I am most grateful for in life. On top of that, it challenged me to try new photography tricks that I might not otherwise have tried. It was an amazing year of growth and I thought it would be perfect to share my favorite 10 images from the year. It was REALLY hard to narrow it down to my top ten, and I’m sure I will change my mind about which are my favorite 18 more times after posting this, but here it goes.

Day 79 2.3.15

Day 79

Day 125 3.21.15

Day 125


Day 153 4.18.15

Day 153


Day 164 4.29.15

Day 164

Day 175 5.10.15

Day 175

Day 178 5.13.15

Day 178

Day 218 6.22.15

Day 218

Day 271 8.14.15

Day 271

Day 305 9.17.15

Day 305

Day 365 11.16.15

Day 365

Don’t worry, Dan and I will still be doing our weekly word challenge starting in 2016 (we had to take a little break during the busy season!), but this is a fun little project I will be taking part of with some other gals.  There are no strict guidelines, and I know the majority of the ladies I am doing this blog circle with are planning on blogging their favorite 10 images from the month prior… but I am trying something a little different. My goal is to photograph an entire day once a month and share my favorite 10 images from that day. So, come back on the 10th of every month and see what is going on in our lives!

Want to see some more pretty photos?! Go see Sara’s favorite black and white images from 2015… you will be happy you did!


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