Already the 10th of the month, which means it’s time to share 10 images with you!

Our April has been quite lovely, filled with golden sunshine! So, we have been soaking up as much of those warm rays as possible. Last weekend, we had two of our neighbor kids over for an afternoon “play date”. The two older kids are only about 8 months apart, and the two younger ones are only about 8 months apart, so it works out for all of us quite perfectly! In fact, we “swap” kids quite regularly and it is pretty darned awesome!

About a week prior, Maisie and I had walked to our little neighborhood pond and noticed quite a few ducks. I had promised her we would return to feed them soon. Did you know that bread is actually quite unhealthy for ducks? I hadn’t until recently when I found an article listing out items much healthier for our local feathered friends. I had some frozen peas in the freezer and I divided them up into four baggies, one for each kiddo, and we were on our way!

Of course, part of the adventure was the walk to the pond. Each set of siblings held hands and we walked along the river and trail towards the pond. And, when it was too warm, the cool bag of peas was refreshing when placed upon the forehead! Ha!

10 on the 10th by Rusted Van Photography

Once at the pond, a few of the ducks did curiously swim over to investigate. Although, apparently, frozen organic peas was NOT their desired snack food. They lost interest, and eventually so did the children. We then ended up spending much more time down by the river playing with the rocks, sticks and areas of sand. Finally after our outdoor, neighborhood adventure, we returned to the house for a little picnic in the warm sun.

10 on the 10th by Rusted Van Photography

We are so happy to be enjoying the sunshine again, and we hope you are too!

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