Are you ready for an April Giveaway!? This month we are celebrating Earth Day, which lands on Monday, April 22nd!  Be forewarned, to enter the giveaway, we are asking you to do a little homework! Ready to learn all about it?!

April Earth Day Giveaway

Preserving the planet and doing what we can, even the simplest of things, is something we greatly value. But, I have a confession… I am not always the best at it. I often leave my reusable bags in the car when I am grocery shopping. I forget to decline the plastic straws offered to me, and we use way, way too much plastic.

Lately we have tried incorporating things in our daily habits to help make even the smallest difference. For my smoothies, I have been using some pyrex-style glass drinking staws. Instead of plastic cling wrap, I have been using beeswax wraps (which smell HEAVENLY by the way) and I am trying to be more aware of “refusing” things I know we don’t need or will not use (ahem, random plastic crap from kiddie meals at fast food places)

So this month, as a way to build better habits for ourselves, I am committing to doing a better job of these things and I would love for you to join us!

To enter, click the link above – all we ask is that you comment with something you will do this month in one of three places: Here! Our Giveaway Facebook Post! OR our Instgram Giveaway Post!

It can be something little or something BIG! It’s up to you, because, every little thing helps!

In our prize, we are giving away one of these cute Octopus re-usable shopping bags by Blue Q:  Buy your own here!

Also included will be these beeswax wraps to use in place of plastic cling wrap by Honeybee Wrap. Find them here! 

A last minute addition, I came across BPA-free,  re-usable sandwich bags. With the kids, I feel like we are constantly going through plastic sandwich bags and I love the idea of replacing them with these re-usable ones made by Full Circle Home. I found mine at PCC, but you can buy them here online as well!

And, if you LOVE cold beverages as much as I do, a straw is a MUST. But, I feel so terribly guilty every time I drink from a plastic one! I finally made the switch awhile ago, and I love these glass straws. I found the metal ones were too cold and… ah… metally. HA! The glass was just right, and still study enough to handle a 5 year old! This set comes with a perfect little brush to keep them nice and clean as well!  Find them here!

Entries accepted between April 1st through April 21st, with winner selected and announced on Earth Day, April 22nd!

This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by anyone, just us! The opinions given are ours alone!


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